Thursday, October 4, 2007

Is Forgivness Really That Important?

Relationships are kind of like seasaws, you spend most the time try to stay in the middle but more often you push the other person down or they push you down. No one likes to be put down, its a simple fact of life. So what do we do when our friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or spouse push us down. Maybe it was an accident or maybe it was intentional. Either way, it does not feel good. If you ever watched Dairy of A Mad Black Woman, you know forgiveness is key. At a certain point in that movie one character says "if you don't forgive him, he's won, you've given him control"

You see forgiveness is about letting the pain, the hurt and the anger go. Because if you don't it eats away at you like a ring worm, you don't even think about it but its there eating away at your insides.

So when your pushed down, stand back up and no matter how hard it is say "I wish you wouldn't have done that but I forgive you."

Always remember in relationships, much love turns away much anger.